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Your social media posts written for you

Putting yourself out there on social media is one of the hardest things to do as a business owner. 


Not only is it time consuming to show up consistently, but it's also bloody scary!

If putting yourself out there is something that scares you, I can give you the confidence to post regularly.

I’ll write a batch of social posts - tailored to you and your business - for you to use whenever you want. All you need to do is schedule/post them. 

You can use them across your social media channels and reuse them again and again.

How it works

Choose which package you want to go for, hit the button, and you'll be taken through to a bookings page where you can schedule a call with me and pay for your package.


On the call, we’ll have a chat and I’ll ask you some questions about you and your business (don’t worry, it’s nothing too taxing).


Then I’ll go away, research, and write a batch of social media posts you can schedule whenever you like.


And if you need help with scheduling, I can give you a demonstration, as well as some top tips. Honestly - it's a game changer!

Content SEO Press



What you get: 8 posts

Ideal if you’re new to social media
and just fancy posting a couple of times a week to build your confidence.

Price: £295 (That's less than £37
per post)


What you get: 20 posts

This option gives you enough content to be able to post every weekday for a whole month.

Price: £550 (That works out at £27.50 per post)


What you get: 12 posts

Many of my clients choose to post 3 times a week because it feels the most manageable for them.  

Price: £375 (that works out at £31.25 per post)


What you get: 30 posts

Pick this option if you want to keep the social media algorithms happy by posting every single day. 

Price: £720 (that works out at just £24 per post)

All packages include a call with me, image suggestions and any links. 

Not sure what you need yet?

That's totally fine. Book a free, 30-minute virtual cuppa with me and let's chat about the challenges you face with social media, and how I can help. 

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