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3 Bluey episodes I can totally relate to as a mum

Kids’ TV is notoriously rubbish – patronising, repetitive, annoying. My kids love those shows, and if it amuses them for 20 minutes while I take a shower or put the washing out, then great.

But there’s one show I’ll quite happily watch with them. And that’s Bluey. In fact, my husband and I have even been known to watch it without the girls around!

We’re a little bit obsessed with Bluey in our family. We sing along to the theme tune, changing the names of the characters to our names. And my youngest loves dancing along to the music.

If you haven’t heard of Bluey, OMG, you must immediately go and watch it on iPlayer or Disney+ (once you’ve finished reading this, obvs).

It’s about a little girl dog called Bluey, who lives with her mum and dad and her younger sister, Bingo, in an amazing house in Australia.

Each episode is totally relatable as a parent and will have you nodding along in total agreement.

Here are my 3 favourite episodes of Bluey, which are totally relatable as a parent, particularly a mum…

The Dump

Although this episode doesn’t feature Chilli, the mum, I can totally relate to it.

Bandit, the dad, has to take some old stuff to the dump, and the girls tag along for the ride. But when Bluey finds her drawings in the box of stuff he’s chucking, she gets upset.

There have been many times when I’ve had to explain why my daughter’s pictures are in the recycling box. I mean, how many pictures of rainbows do we really need? I dread to think how many trees have suffered through her love of drawing.

Sticky Gecko

This episode is the story of my life!

Mum is trying to get her and the 2 girls out for a play date, but they take forever to get ready.

Bluey can’t find her hat and says she’s looked everywhere, even though it’s right there, and Bingo insists on putting her roller skates on herself but puts them on the wrong feet.

There’s also a classic example of every kid’s favourite game… ‘The Why Game’, which Bluey plays with her mum, and Bingo asks to be timed while she does stuff, yet she has no concept of what a minute is.

Mum is so keen to get out of the house on time, but the kids just want to play and don’t understand why they have to leave the house right now. I found myself nodding the whole way through the episode – I’ve definitely been in Chilli’s shoes on more than one occasion.

Baby Race

This one actually brought a tear to my eye.

The episode begins with Bluey trying to do the monkey bars, because she’s competing with her friend, Judo. Chilli tells Bluey to run her own race and goes on to reminisce about the early days of being a mum, when Bluey took her first steps.

Bluey was the first one of the pups in the baby group to roll over, and Chilli admits she let the milestone go to her head. But when Judo is the first to sit up and the first to crawl, she becomes so concerned about Bluey’s development and her keeping up with Judo, she turns it into a baby race of who would walk first. When Judo won the baby race, Chilli thought she’d failed as a mum, until she realised, she too just had to run her own race.

Coco, one of the other mums, comes to see Chilli unexpectedly and tells her: “You’re doing great”, which is exactly what she needs to hear. We’ve all been there – feeling like we’re failing, constantly comparing our kid to their peers and wondering why they’re not developing at the same rate. We just need someone like Coco to give us some reassurance.


These are just 3 out of more than 100 Bluey episodes you can watch, and each one is only about 7 minutes long. So, you could binge watch them all in about half a day.

Who knew I’d be able to relate so much to a cartoon dog mum called Chilli?! I don’t know about the kids, but I, for one, can’t wait for the third series.


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