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7 reasons to hire a content writer

Why would you hire a content writer? Anyone can write, right?

Of course, you could write your own blogs, social media posts, emails and website copy. But why would you want to?

To save money. That seems to be the common answer right now. And I get it. Prices are going up and everyone is cutting back – including me.

But there are some things I know I’m better off outsourcing, like getting my hair cut. Sure, it’d save me some money if I did it myself, but I’d probably end up looking like Boris Johnson!

(I have actually cut my own hair before, when I was about 8. Needless to say, it didn’t go well. I had to wear a drastic hairband for months and my mum and dad were not best pleased).

There’s a lot of pressure on you to continually produce engaging content. But when it’s not your area of expertise, your content might be doing you a disservice and not generating the results you should be getting. And that means you’ve wasted precious time writing when your time could have been better spent on other things.

So can you afford not to hire a professional?

Here are 7 signs it’s time to call a content writer…

1. You don’t post content regularly

Getting lots of engagements on a social media post is highly satisfying. But if you’ve not already got your next post lined up to keep your audience interested, you could be missing a trick and they’ll lose interest. It’s vital to keep up momentum and post regular content.

However, when life and work get busy, creating and publishing content is often the first thing to get pushed down the list of priorities.

Posting regular blogs keeps your website content fresh, which helps when it comes to SEO. Similarly, posting regularly on social media and sending frequent emails keeps your audience engaged, meaning you’re more likely to be at the forefront of their minds if they’re looking to work with someone like you.

Consistency is key when it comes to your content marketing. A good content writer will prioritise your content, leaving you free to get on with other things.

2. You keep putting off writing

It’s easy to set out with good intentions. You might even block out some time to get that blog or social media post written. But when it comes to actually getting down to the writing, it feels like too much pressure and something that requires more thought, so you put it off and find something less scary to do.

A professional content writer thrives when they’re writing. It comes naturally to them, so they love nothing more than to create awesome blogs, social media content and emails for you.

3. You don’t know what to say

Maybe you enjoy writing but just don’t know what to say. Or maybe you know what to say but don’t know how to put it into words that people will read. There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank screen with no inspiration. That’s when the pressure can pile up and you either rush to create something just so you can say you published some content, or you give up. Neither of these solutions will help you in the long run.

You know your business better than anyone, but a good content writer knows how to put what you want to say into words that will engage your audience and turn them into customers.

4. You’re too scared to publish your content

When you’re not a professional writer, it can be a big deal to publish any content for fear of what other people might think of it. What if there’s a typo that someone picks up? What if no one likes what you post?

Hiring a content writer takes away that fear and gives you confidence in your content marketing. Plus, if someone compliments you on your content, you can still take all the credit, even though you had someone else write it.

5. You tend to ramble on when you write

When you get into the zone, it’s easy to type (or write, if you’re old school) away and forget the purpose of your content and the point you’re trying to get across. Before you know it, you’ve written 500 words and haven’t even got to the main point of what you’re trying to say. If your blogs tend to be a brain dump with little to no structure, it might be time to call a content writer.

They’ll have likely written hundreds of blogs about an array of subjects and know exactly how to structure it to engage the reader and bring in the leads.

6. You can never think of an enticing hook to grab people’s attention

If people aren’t reading or engaging with your current content, it could be sign that you haven’t found the right angle. What you might think is the most important part of your content, might not be important for your audience.

A good content writer will always put themselves in your audience’s shoes and uncover the perfect angle and hook to entice people in, often turning them from a reader into a customer.

7. You don’t have a plan when it comes to posting content

You tend to post sporadically about whatever comes to mind. You don’t have a strategy in place and you’re always on the back foot when it comes to writing content. You’d love to get organised and plan your social media and blog content in advance, but it’s just not possible.

Posting for the sake of posting can do more harm than good, which is why you need a content strategy. And that’s where a content writer can pay dividends because they can create a content strategy for you; then plan and write all your blogs, social media posts and emails around that strategy. They can even schedule it for you too, so you can get on with other things, knowing that your content marketing is taken care of.

Hire me

If you recognise these signs and are ready to hire a content writer, book a free virtual cuppa with me and let’s chat about how I can help you.


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